Baby Robins Dropping Down

It’s late spring in Calgary, and across the city baby or fledgling robins are dropping out of their nests. This seems a strange way to propogate the species, but for generations adult robins have been giving fledglings a boot. They can fly a few feet, but spend most of their time on the ground.

People are always concerned that this baby bird has fallen out of its nest and needs help. The truth is he was pushed out of the nest to get on with the business of growing up. DO NOT PICK THEM UP. Don’t take them to a zoo or wildlife rehab centre.

Fledgling robin

Fledgling robin

It may seem cruel to us, but this is the way robins conduct their family life, and judging by the number of robins in the country, it works. The best thing for you to do is keep dogs and cats away while the youngster gets his bearings. He’ll move along in a little while.

Baby robins look something like their parents, but have speckled chests, and fluffy down feathers poking out here and there. Yes he looks helpless, but they manage to survive in huge numbers.

Just think of them as the true image of spring, and keep the dogs and cats away. Use their presence in your yard as an opportunity for a nature talk to the kids, which will be a lot more help to the birds!


3 thoughts on “Baby Robins Dropping Down

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  2. We were wondering about the eggs in the robin’s nest. Each Spring there is a robins nest under our deck in the exact same spot. This morning our children were excited to find 4 blue eggs again. However by the end of school there was no sign of the eggs. Can a robin move thier eggs? it as we fear every Spring that the Magpies got them? And is there anyway to keep magpies away? Not really a comment, but a question. Thank you

    • The robin will not move their eggs, so I assume a predator got them. It could be a bird, cat, skunk or weasel. I have never heard of a robin building a nest down low like that, and it’s also unusual for a pair of robins to keep trying to nest in a vulnerable spot. I don’t know what you can do about it. The parents should be looking for a more secure nesting location.

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