Great-horned Owl Nest Cam

The Ellis Bird Farm has set up a live stream video of a great-horned owl nest on their property. Once you sit through the annoying commercial at the beginning, you can follow the life of this bird, and be there when the eggs hatch. A warning though – these owl nest cams are completely addictive. As it gets closer to hatching time, you might as well give up trying to do anything but park yourself in front of your computer.

The stream is color during daylight hours, and has gray-scale pallet of near infrared artificial illumination during the night.

Great-horned owls are early nesters, and this poor girl appears to be sitting on eggs while covered with snow today. Yet another reason to need some real spring weather in this province!

Good Birding!

Pat Bumstead

2 thoughts on “Great-horned Owl Nest Cam

  1. i am only finding posting of GHO nesting comments from 2011.
    Are they back?
    is the camera active? (am i missing something?)

    I”D REALLY LIKE TO SEE GHO nesting behaviour!!
    i’ve worked at a raptor rehab centre for 3 years… i’m currently in the vet tech program AWAY from the raptor centre and i REALLY miss being around raptors.. GHO’s have a special place in my heart 🙂
    i really would like to experience the owls through this camera if they’re around, and if at all possible 🙂
    thank you 🙂

    • According to the website at where the owl cam originated, the owls have unfortunately not decided to nest in that location this year. In the next few months though, we should be able to put a link on the blog to an osprey cam – stay tuned to Birds Calgary!

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