Bird Alert March 28

Welcome to the City of Calgary and CFNS Bird Alert. This report was prepared on Monday March 28, 8:00pm. To report a bird sighting,call 403-221-4519 and leave a message after the recording.

Thursday, March 24

–HERRING GULL (5), Bow River, N.of 22x bridge

Friday, March 25

Saturday, March 26
–CANVASBACK (2),Bow River,west of the bridge over Hwy.1x at Seebe
–WESTERN MEADOWLARK (1), near Millarville
–RED-TAILED HAWK (2), one light, one dark morph, near Millarville race track
–ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK (3),same as above
–KILLDEER (1), near open water in front of race track
–AMERICAN TREE SPARROW (20+), near Black Diamond
–THAYER’S GULL,Bow River,N.of 22x bridge, east Fish Creek PP

Sunday, March 27
–TRUMPETER SWAN (8),Frank Lake
–EURASIAN WIGEON (2), Frank Lake
–KILLDEER (1), Frank Lake
–SHORT-EARED OWL (5), near Frank Lake
–NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL (1),River Rd, west of High River


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