Oranges for Orioles

For the last couple of years I have been putting out slices of oranges in my yard in the hopes of attracting Baltimore Orioles or Gray Catbirds.  I place the oranges on my tray feeder and in suet cages.  So far this has attracted only ants.  Last Friday morning, I thought that perhaps the heavy rain might force some migrants down, so I put out two fresh orange halves on a flower planter.  Within a half hour of arriving home in the afternoon, I looked out to see this bird feeding on the orange.

This first-year Baltimore Oriole stayed around the yard for two days, feeding on all the oranges, including the ones in the suet cage that I had placed there about two weeks before.

So if you want to see a Baltimore Oriole in your yard, putting out oranges really does work.  Now I’m just waiting for that Catbird.

Posted by Bob Lefebvre


7 thoughts on “Oranges for Orioles

  1. Congrats on your persistence and success. We were surprised by Baltimore Orioles arriving at our hummingbird feeder two years ago. We’ve not had them arrive again, but this year we have an orange slice out in hopes of having them show up again.

    • Baltimore Orioles nest in the river valleys so you usually see them along the Bow or Elbow River, from mid-May to mid-September. They are not too common but you can usually find them at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, in the parts Fish Creek Park along the river, and in the Weaselhead area. I saw three today in Fish Creek Park. It seems that they spend a lot of time high in deciduous trees. Listen for their beautiful flutelike song.

      I live about a mile from the river, so this one was just passing through on migration. I think you could see them anywhere in Calgary during migration.

    • I’ve also tried putting out grape jelly, but magpies and squirrels like it and it disappears very quickly. Next time I have an Oriole here I’ll put some out.

  2. The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker woodpeckers also love the grape jelly. No squirrels or magpies have touched it; I guess I’m lucky!


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