Photo Feathers: Loon Pair

Photos taken at Livingston Creek Ranch Golf Course, Sunday June 5, 2011.

Posted by Bob Lefebvre


3 thoughts on “Photo Feathers: Loon Pair

  1. I’m curious about these shots. I had thought male loons were territorial, and that they would attack other males entering their territory without any provocation. They also appear to be a bit older than first year loons as well… Are they only that aggressive during breeding season?

    • Male loons are very territorial, especially during breeding season. But since males and females have identical plumage, I assume these photos show a breeding pair. Loons are thought to mate for life, and to return to the same nesting site year after year. I know there has been one pair of Common Loons on this pond for at least the last three years. This is a fairly small, shallow pond, so it wouldn’t support more than one pair. Any other male trying to enter this territory would be confronted.

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