Movie Monday: Common Goldeneye

At Valleyview Park pond in SE Calgary, I recently saw a single Common Goldeneye chick trailing after its mother.  I took a little video of the pair.  Watch the instinctive reaction of the chick when it hears the “sputter” call of a Red-winged Blackbird.  It obviously hasn’t yet learned that this sound doesn’t mean danger!  (Sorry about the helicopter noise.)

Posted by Bob Lefebvre

One thought on “Movie Monday: Common Goldeneye

  1. Great movie Bob! Mother birds really do a great job of teaching their young ones don’t they? I was at Frank lake at a small pond where there were some coot chicks. Within seconds of my appearance from the car, the mother coot had rounded up all of her numerous young and they had all vanished into the reeds; I didn’t get a single shot!

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