Sunday Showcase: Cooper’s Hawk & Fledglings

More great raptor photos from Rob English, taken in Carburn Park in July. Click to enlarge.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Showcase: Cooper’s Hawk & Fledglings

  1. Hi Rob English,
    The photos are great. I am new to birdwatching and have a doubt. The marking on the front part in the first photo is different from that on others. So is that a difference between the male and female birds?

    • That’s an excellent question! Cooper’s Hawks have two recognizably different plumages – adult and juvenile. Young birds have whitish underparts narrowly streaked with dark brown. Adults have rufous (reddish-brown) and white chests, as shown in the first picture. Juvenile raptors on their own are very difficult to identify, but adult Cooper’s Hawks all have the same plumage. Females are slightly larger than the males.

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