Whooping Cranes at the Zoo Ranch

Whooping Cranes are so rare that most of us have never seen one in the wild.  But there is an opportunity to see captive ones right here in Calgary.  The Calgary Zoo maintains a Whooping Crane breeding program at their Zoo Ranch facility just south of the city.  On Saturday October 8, there will be a field trip to see these magnificent birds, as well as other rare birds and animals.  Crane Keeper Dwight Knapik will guide the group on a tour of the facility and explain their breeding programs.

Whooping Crane pair.  All photos from 2008.

There will be a limit of 25 participants accepted for this free trip, so if you have never been to the Zoo Ranch, you should take this opportunity.  Call Gus Yaki at 403-243-2248 to register (the best time to reach him is between 6 and 7 pm).  In the past this trip has always been fully booked.

Up close and personal with a Whooping Crane!

The group will meet at the Anderson LRT Station next to McLeod Trail, 109 Ave SW, south of the pedestrian overpass, at 1:30 pm to carpool to the site.  (If it is raining the date may be changed to Sunday October 9.)

Are you looking at me?

Desmoiselle Cranes

Sandhill Crane

Przewalski’s Horse

Grevy’s Zebra.  Unfortunately this animal has since passed away.

Posted by Bob Lefebvre


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