A Canada Big Year

Four Calgary birders – Ray Woods, Brian Elder, Mike Mulligan and Phil Cram – are planning to do a Canada-wide Big Year in 2012.  A Big Year is an attempt to see or hear as many species of birds (and mammals in this case) as possible in a calendar year, in a specific geographic area.  Our four local birders are going to confine their activities to Canada, but they intend to see as much of Canada as possible, travelling to all the provinces and territories.

Their goal is to get 500 birds and mammals combined, and of course each of them has individual goals as well about extending their life lists or Canada lists, or seeing particular species.

They have started a blog to track their progress, and it’s going to be fascinating to watch their quest unfold.  They will begin here in Calgary on New Year’s Day with the Fish Creek Park bird count.

Northern Pygmy-Owl, one of the birds they hope see in the                             Calgary area in early January.             

There are already some posts on their blog giving details of their plans and itinerary.  Check it out at Fur & Feathers 500 – it will definitely be a blog worth following in the coming year.

Posted by Bob Lefebvre


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