Rare Bird Alert Calgary: April 16

Have you seen an unusual bird in Calgary? If it is on this Reportable_Birds (PDF), please report it to the Nature Calgary Rare Bird Alert line at 403 221-4519 and leave a message after the beep at the end of the recording. If you would like some help with species identification, us email us at birdscalgary@gmail.com.  To report injured wildlife call the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society at 403 239-2488, or the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation at 403 946-2361.

APR 13

TURKEY VULTURE – just south of the dam at Chestermere Lake, Yousif Attia
GLAUCOUS GULL – adult at Weed Lake, YA; adult and 1st year at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Ilya Povalyaev
THAYER’S GULL – 1st year at Sunset Park on the east side of Chestermere Lake, YA; 1st yr at IBS, by IP
GYRFALCON – gray morph at McElroy Slough just NE of Chestermere, YA

APR 14

BLUE-WINGED-GREEN-WINGED TEAL hybrid – slough east of Shepard, Terry Korolyk
EURASIAN-AMERICAN WIGEON hybrid male – as above
BEWICK’S-TUNDRA SWAN hybrid – as above
RED-NECKED GREBE – reported in Calgary area over weekend
HORNED GREBE – as above
EARED GREBE – as above
THAYER’S GULL – two 1st year in the SW corner of Chestermere Lake, TK

APR 15

COMMON TEAL – on the south side of the marsh on the west side of the Hwy 799-338 Ave SE junction north of Blackie, TK
EURASIAN WIGEON – 2 male and a female at Hwy 547 and Rge Rd 255 as well as a male and female on Blizzard Lake at 160 St SE just south of Hwy 552, TK
WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE-BARNACLE GOOSE hybrid – in the Irricana Sloughs onthe slough on Rge Rd 264 between Twp Rd 262 and 264, Joan and Malcolm Macdonald
RED-BREASTED MERGANSER – Twp Rd 264 west of Rge Rd 262, J & MM
PEREGRINE FALCON – on Hwy 547 east of Hwy 799, TK
WILSON’S SNIPE – 8 on Hwy 564 near Cochrane, J & MM
YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER (AUDUBON’S) – at the Boat launch in east Fish Creek PP; Janet Gill
TREE SWALLOW – 750 at the Boat launch in Fish Creek PP; Bob Lefebre and Friends of Fish Creek PP

The next scheduled update of the bird alert is on Thu Apr 19.

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