Wednesday Wings: Swainson’s Hawks

Posted by Bob Lefebvre

On Monday I was in north Glenmore Park, and there was a pair of Swainson’s Hawks there.  There was a stiff wind from the south, so I was able to get pictures as they soared almost motionless over my head.  One of the birds is an intermediate to dark adult, and the other is a light hawk that looks like it is just coming into its adult plumage.

There was a little corvid harrassment…

The two hawks together. 

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wings: Swainson’s Hawks

    You captured what we always see but not always so vividly depicted in our ‘bird’ guides. My 8 year old son and I are often frustrated by the photos in the guides we have, but this really shows it all in your photos. We’ll be sure to spot the right hawks from here on it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. Hawks come in so many different plumage varieties, and can be seen in so many different positions, that it’s difficult for a general bird guide to show them all. You can get guides that show nothing but hawks. The quality of the various field guides varies quite a bit too. I think that birders generally agree that the Sibley, National Geographic, and Peterson guides are good.

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