Furry Friday – Fabulous Fox Fotos

Posted by Dan Arndt

Of all the wild canines, one of the most enigmatic and almost universally loved, is the beautiful Red Fox. Ranging across almost the entire Northern Hemisphere and containing nearly 50 subspecies, the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a species that many photographers are always pleased to see. Red Fox populations rise and fall in cycles, opposite the Coyote population cycles, but a healthy Red Fox population is a sign of a relatively healthy ecosystem, and recently it’s even been shown that a healthy Red Fox population helps keep lyme disease in check. So without further ado, enjoy some of these fox photos! Most of these photos were taken in and around Calgary, but some were taken a bit further afield.

Hunting Fox

Fox at Elliston Park

Fox at Elliston Park

Fox at Elliston Park

Montana Fox

Jasper Fox

Jasper Fox

Jasper Fox

8 thoughts on “Furry Friday – Fabulous Fox Fotos

    • Oh wow, very cute!
      The photos taken at Elliston Park were in November of 2011, so it’s quite possible that they were from that litter!

    • Yeah, it’s something I never really noticed until I was looking through these photos before posting them. I think part of it could be differences in the season, but I think it’s possible that there are at least two different subspecies represented here as well.

  1. Outstanding shots of the Jasper Fox, Dan. Very well done.
    The last red fox I saw was a few years ago & he was rummaging through the garbage bin outside my apartment in the middle of the night…and this was in very central, very urban London, UK!

    • Thanks Tim,

      They always seem to be the most active just before, and just after sunrise, so the light is never really great. I’d say 90% of the time I ever see them is when it’s far too late to stop and take a photo.

      – Dan

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