Rare Bird Alert Calgary: Dec 10

Have you seen an unusual bird in Calgary?

If it is on this Reportable_Birds (PDF), please report it to the Nature Calgary Rare Bird Alert line at 403 221-4519 and leave a message after the beep at the end of the recording. If you would like some help with species identification, email us at birdscalgary@gmail.com .  To report injured wildlife call the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society at 403 239-2488, or the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation at 403 946-2361.

Compiled by Terry Korolyk


SNOWY OWL – 5.5 mi east and a mile south of the north Carstairs overpass – Linda Neuemier?


NORTHERN SHOVELER – Beaverdam Flats – Joan and Malcolm Macdonald
TUNDRA SWAN – Carburn Park – J & MM
BOHEMIAN WAXWING – 500 – 1000 between Sandy Beach and Glenmore Dam – Bill Wilson; 1500 in Weaselhead- Gus Yaki


TUNDRA SWAN – Beaverdam Flats – Bill Wilson
GREEN-WINGED TEAL – 6, as above
REDHEAD – 2, as above
SCAUP – 2, one a female Lesser – as above
HOARY REDPOLL – yard in Mount Royal – Rose Scollard


REDHEAD – 20, Policeman’s Flats on Bow River Bottom Rd off Dunbow Rd – Terry Korolyk
LESSER SCAUP – 6, as above
GREATER SCAUP – 1 male and 1 female, as above
REDHEAD-GREATER SCAUP hybrid (possible) – as above
RING-NECKED DUCK – male, as above
NORTHERN PINTAIL – male, as above
HOARY REDPOLL – at gate into Wyndham-Carseland PP – TK
NORTHERN GOSHAWK – 2 juveniles reported in Weaselhead by several groups over weekend


LESSER SCAUP – male at Weed Lake on Hwy 560 at Langdon, TK
NORTHERN PINTAIL – pair, as above
NORTHERN SHOVELER – male, as above
GADWALL – as above
BOHEMIAN WAXWING – 600 in Mt Royal district, GY
NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL – on the Larsen Pasture Rd SW of Water Valley – J&MM
NORTHERN GOSHAWK – ravine on 15 Ave west of Sarcee Trail
SNOWY OWL – 2 on Twp Rd 262 between Rge Rd 261 and 253, plus another on Rge Rd 265 south of Rge Rd 262

The next scheduled update of the Bird Alert is on Thu Dec 13.


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