Wednesday Wings: Leucistic Redpoll

Posted by Bob Lefebvre

This bird has been in my yard for the last couple of weeks.  When I first saw it, on a feeder with its back facing me, I thought it was a new species for the yard, but it turned out to be a male Common Redpoll with some white feathers in its wings and tail.

IMG_4274 (2)

IMG_4294 (2)

From some angles it looks normal…

IMG_4281 (2)

IMG_4282 (2)

Feeding on the ground…

IMG_4328 (3)

IMG_4338 (3)

IMG_4343 (3)

Next to a normal (if out of focus) Common Redpoll…

IMG_4352 (3)

IMG_4358 (3)

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wings: Leucistic Redpoll

    • No, it’s a Common Redpoll. It has quite heavy streaking on the flanks and under the tail, a dark brown back, and a large bill (for a Redpoll). The pinkish breast indicates a male, and males are usually quite a bit lighter than females, with less pronounced streaking. Hoaries, male and female, are much lighter in colour than Commons (a “frosty” cast to the back feathers), with almost no streaking below, and they usually have a very small bill. The white feathers on the bird in this post are due to a genetically-caused lack of pigment. (I have seen a couple of Hoaries in my yard this year, and I will post some photos of those one of these days.) – Bob

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