Rare Bird Alert Calgary: Dec 31

Have you seen an unusual bird in Calgary?If it is on this Reportable_Birds (PDF), please report it to the Nature Calgary Rare Bird Alert line at 403 221-4519 and leave a message after the beep at the end of the recording. If you would like some help with species identification, email us at birdscalgary@gmail.com .  To report injured wildlife call the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society at 403 239-2488, or the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation at 403 946-2361.

Compiled by Terry Korolyk

Bird Sightings:

Dec 27:
GLAUCOUS GULL, Cactus Corner Truck stop east of Hanna, Gerald Romanchuk, Trevor
SHORT-EARRED OWL (3), Hwy 23/RRd 25 , Joan & Malcolm MacDonald, Eddy Matoud.
HORNED LARK (60-80), Hyw 23/RRd 264, J&M M.
GREEN-WINGED TEAL, Vermillion Lakes, Banff, Andrew Don.

Dec 28:
SNOWY OWL, Hwy 1, west of Calaway Pk, Andrew Hart.
(also 4 seen on Cochrane CBC)

Dec 29:
SNOW BUNTING (400), Hwy 55/RRd 255, Terry Korolyk.
WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, at entrance to Wyndham-Carseland PP., TK.

Dec 30:
SONG SPARROW, Votier’s Flats, FCPP, Bob Lefebvre.
VARIED THRUSH, feeder in Dalhousie NW Calgary, has been seen for at least 3
weeks, BL.
GLAUCOUS GULL, as above, J&M M.
GOLDEN EAGLE/EAGLE sp., slough McLeod Tr/Hwy 22X. TK.

The next scheduled update of the Bird Alert is on Thursday Jan 3.

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