Wednesday Wings: Song Sparrow

This Song Sparrow has been overwintering in Votier’s Flats, Fish Creek Park.  It spends quite a bit of time feeding in the open water of the creek. Photos by Bob Lefebvre.

IMG_5127 (2)

The creek at Votier’s Flats.

IMG_5175 (2)








5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wings: Song Sparrow

  1. Beautiful little birds, my Dad liked Sparrows, he said they are always such happy little birds, always chirping! He was right, little heartwarmers…

    • It’s actually a Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia), not a Fox Sparrow. It is fairly reddish but some Song Sparrows are. It’s funny, when I first saw it on November 25 I was leading a birding class, and I called out “Fox Sparrow!” only to be immediately corrected by Gus Yaki, who was also there at the time. Song Sparrows are so variable that I find them tricky to ID.

      • OK, I understand. For an European it is even much more tricky to identify all the Sparrows of North America. We have only three different Sparrows in Europe, that’s easy!

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