2 thoughts on “Sunday Showcase: Prairie Birds

  1. Do Horned Larks stay druring wintertime in snowy regions? That’s surpising. What do they eat? In Europe all larks migrate from northern and middle Europe to the South of Europe or Africa!

    • The winter range of the Horned Lark covers almost all of the continental U.S. and Mexico, and it extends into the southernmost parts of B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. In many winters some can be found south and east of Calgary on the prairies. If the snow cover is really deep they are less likely to be found here. Like redpolls, Snow Buntings and American Tree Sparrows, they eat seeds, which are often available above the snow.

      The same species in Europe is called the Shore Lark, and it has a lot more competition from other lark species there. Thus it is usually restricted to seashores. In North America it is the only lark species, and it can be found in any open habitat.

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