Sunday Showcase: Long-eared Owl

Posted by Dan Arndt

In a confluence of coincidence and opportunity, I was contacted by one of our former birding course members this past week with a report of a Long-eared Owl that has stopped by for the day. I suspected that I’d not get another chance like this for a while, so I ran home, grabbed my camera, and spent about an hour shooting the bird through their picture window, and through a side window. The next day it had moved on, likely only having stopped for a day of rest on its northern migration. Enjoy!


Long-eared Owl 7

Long-eared Owl

Long-eared Owl 6

I thought I heard something…

Long-eared Owl 5

Oh. Hi.

Long-eared Owl 4

Catching some rays

Long-eared Owl 3

I think he’s getting a bit annoyed by all the attention…

Long-eared Owl 1

Ok, that’s enough, now let me get back to sleep…

Long-eared Owl 2

I wish those dogs would keep their yapping down!

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