Bird Date and Location Guide


Compiled by Gus Yaki,

Listed below are all living bird species that are known to have occurred within Calgary, or reasonably nearby, which could occur within the city limits. Also listed are a few with the potential of occurring. 

I would appreciate reports of species in BOLD TYPE or NOT LISTED below, or 403-243-2248. They also should be immediately reported to the CFNS & Inglewood Rare Bird Alert, 403-221-4519.


*=Breeds or has bred; A.=Abundant; ACC.=Accidental; C=Common;  Calg.=Calgary; E=East;  FC=Fairly Common; FCCP=Fish Creek Prov. Park; I.=Introduced; IBS=Inglewood Bird Sanctuary; imm=immature; Lk=Lake; M=Migrant; N=North;  N.=Nest(s)(ed); NRC=Not Recorded within Calgary; OW=Over-winter; Pk=Park; R=rare; Res=Reservoir; Rr=River; S=South;  S.=Scarce; SR=Summer resident; T=Transient; U=Uncommon; V=Vagrant; W=West;  W.=Winter Visitor.

FREQUENCY: A rough guide to the number of birds of a particular species that you might expect to see in a FULL day of birding in the Calgary area, IN THE PROPER HABITAT AND SEASON.

A.-Abundant – Over 500

C- Common – 101-500

FC-Fairly Common – 26-100

S.-Scarce – 1-25

R-Rare – Of irregular occurrence, in low numbers, not necessarily every year

Erratic – Numbers fluctuate greatly from season to season and year to year.


GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE: U M spring, FC mid Aug-Dec. Elliston/Sloughs/Bow. OW.

SNOW GOOSE: U M late Mar-early May & Sep-mid Dec. Glenmore Res./IBS/Carburn/Elliston Pk.

ROSS’ GOOSE: S. M Apr-May & Sep-Nov. IBS/Bow Rr/Elliston/sloughs. Accompanies Snow Geese.

BRANT: ACC. R V.  Occurred Glenmore Res, 21,28Oct84.

CACKLING GOOSE: Newly recognized species 2004. U to S. M Mar-Apr & Oct-Nov. Occasionally OW.

CANADA GOOSE*: A. year round resident on Bow & Elbow Rrs/Glenmore/IBS. N. throughout the city.

TRUMPETER SWAN: U M late-Mar-late Apr & Oct-Nov.  1, Glenmore Res, summered 1993. Some OW.

TUNDRA SWAN: A. M late Mar-early May & late Sep-mid Nov. Glenmore Res/IBS/sloughs. Some OW.

WHOOPER SWAN: ACC. NRC. R V in early Apr 1999 & 2000 on Prairie sloughs near Irricana.

FULVOUS WHISTLING-DUCK: ACC.  R V.  1, near Calgary Airport, 23May-earlyJun03.

WOOD DUCK*: FC SR Apr-Oct. Calgary birds may have originated from releases at IBS. Some OW.

GADWALL*: FC SR early Apr-late Oct. IBS/Bow Rr. Some OW on Bow River. Voice: a rude “Brrrp”.

EURASIAN WIGEON: S. to U M mid Mar-late May. IBS/Bow Rr./SE Sloughs.

AMERICAN WIGEON*: C SR late March-early Nov. IBS/Glenmore Res./SE Sloughs. Some OW BowRr.

AMERICAN BLACK DUCK*: ACC. R V. 1,IBS,13Apr84; 1,Carburn,09Jan04;Prince’s Is./IBS/Carburn.

MALLARD*: A. year round resident. IBS/Bow & Elbow Rivers/FCPP/Glenmore Res/SE Sloughs.

BLUE-WINGED TEAL*: C SR mid Apr-early Nov. Glenmore Res./Bow Rr/IBS/Carburn/SE Sloughs.

CINNAMON TEAL*: FC SR early Apr-July. Not reported after early July. Moulting? IBS/SE Sloughs.

NORTHERN SHOVELER*: C SR early Apr-early Dec. IBS/Elliston/Sloughs. Males in moult, 21June,

NORTHERN PINTAIL*:  A. to C SR late Mar-Nov. Bow Rr/IBS/Glenmore Res./Shallow sloughs.  OW.

GARGANEY: ACC. NRC. R V mid May-July.  1, Strathmore, 12-15Jun82.

GREEN-WINGED TEAL*: C SR late Mar-early Dec. Elliston/IBS/Bow Rr/SE Sloughs. OW Bow Rr.

CANVASBACK*: C SR early Apr-mid Nov. Glenmore Res/IBS/Cattail sloughs.

REDHEAD*: C SR early Apr-mid Nov. Glenmore/IBS/Cattail sloughs. OW Bow Rr. Voice: “Car car car”.

RING-NECKED DUCK: FC M mid Apr-May & U late Sep-Nov. Glenmore Res./IBS. Some OW Bow Rr.

TUFTED DUCK: ACC. One occurred at McElroy Slough (not in city), 02-06May92.

GREATER SCAUP: R W late Sep-Apr. Glenmore Res./IBS/Bow Rr.

LESSER SCAUP*; FC SR early Apr-late Nov. Glenmore Res/IBS/Carburn/deep sloughs.  Some OW.

KING EIDER: ACC. R. V.  One shot, Calgary, 04Nov1894; 1, Lk  Minnewanka, Banff, 17Dec05.

HARLEQUIN DUCK: R V, recently a year-round resident at IBS/Beaverdam Flats/Carburn/Bow Rr.

SURF SCOTER: R M May & S. late Sep-early Nov. x,Glenmore27Sep08; Glenmore Res./IBS.

WHITE-WINGED SCOTER: FC to U M late Apr-mid May & mid Sep-mid Nov. Glenmore Res./IBS.

BLACK SCOTER: ACC. R V early Oct-mid Nov.  2,Carburn,05-07Nov06;  Glenmore/Carburn/Bow Rr.

LONG-TAILED DUCK, (OLDSQUAW): R M & W, mid Oct -mid May. Glenmore Res./Bow Rr.

BUFFLEHEAD: FC M spring & A autumn. Glenmore Res./IBS/Bow Rr. OW in numbers.

COMMON GOLDENEYE*: FC year round, Bow & Elbow Rrs/Glenmore Res. Nest in tree cavities/boxes.

BARROW’S GOLDENEYE: U M late Sep-mid Apr. Carburn/IBS/Bow Rr/Glenmore Res. OW Bow Rr.

HOODED MERGANSER: U M mid Apr-May & FC mid Aug-Nov. Glenmore/Elliston/IBS/Bow Rr. OW.

COMMON MERGANSER*: FC year round on Bow & Elbow Rrs/Fish Creek/IBS.

RED-BREASTED MERGANSER: S. M mid Apr-early May & mid Sep-Nov (Dec). Glenmore/Bow Rr.

RUDDY DUCK*: FC SR mid Apr-mid Nov. Cattail sloughs/IBS/Bow River.

GRAY PARTRIDGE*: I. FC year round resident. SAIT/UofC/Cemeteries/NGlenmore/grassy parks/fields.

RING-NECKED PHEASANT*: I. FC year round resident. IBS/FCPP/Bow & Elbow Rr valleys.

RUFFED GROUSE*: FC to U year round resident. W end FCPP/Weaselhead. Subject to ten-year cycles.

SHARP-TAILED GROUSE*: FC former resident, now S. 2,NoseHill,05 Mar00; 2,NWCal.08Apr09.

WILD TURKEY: I. 2-3 birds were present, Mallard Pt-Burnsmead, FCPP, 22Mar-17Oct07

RED-THROATED LOON: ACC. R M late Sep-early Nov. Glenmore Res.

PACIFIC LOON: R V mid Sep-mid Nov (Dec) on Glenmore Res./Bow River.

COMMON LOON*: C M & SR mid Apr-May (June) & Jul-Nov. Bearspaw & Glenmore Res/IBS/Bow Rr.

YELLOW-BILLED LOON: ACC. R M mid Oct-Nov (Dec). Glenmore Res/IBS.

PIED-BILLED GREBE*: U SR mid Apr-mid Nov (Dec). Glenmore Res./IBS/Bow Rr/local sloughs.

HORNED GREBE*: FC M & R SR early Apr-mid May & mid Sep-freeze-up. Glenmore/Elliston Pk/IBS.

RED-NECKED GREBE*: FC M & SR mid Apr-freeze-up. Glenmore/IBS/Bow River. N. CarburnPk 1994.

EARED GREBE*: C SR mid Apr-mid Oct (Dec), SE Sloughs/Glenmore Res./IBS.

WESTERN GREBE: C M late Apr-mid May & mid Sep-mid Nov. (Dec). Glenmore Res/IBS/Bow River.

CLARKE’S GREBE: NRC. May be overlooked. Similar to Western Grebe.

AM. WHITE PELICAN: FC M mid Apr-Oct (Dec). Bow Rr/Pearce Estate/IBS/Carburn Pk.

DOUBLE-CR. CORMORANT: FC SR mid Apr-mid Oct. Pearce Estate/Bow Rr. 2 imm OW 1998-99

AMERICAN BITTERN: Formerly C. Now S. SR late Apr-mid Oct in cattail marshes/IBS.

GREAT BLUE HERON*: FC SR late Mar-mid Oct. IBS/Weaselhead/Glenmore Res/Bow River. OW.

GREAT EGRET: ACC. R V late Apr-late  Oct. 1, Glenmore Res, 15Jun87.

SNOWY EGRET: ACC. R V mid May- mid Sep. 1, Glenmore Res, 21May89.

CATTLE EGRET: ACC. NRC. R V late  May-early Nov. DeWinton/Priddis/Indus/High Rr/Strathmore.

GREEN HERON: ACC. R M late May-early Oct. Glenmore Res/IBS/FCPP/Pearce Estate.

BLACK-CR. NIGHT-HERON: U SR early Apr-late Nov. ConfluencePark/IBS/Bow Rr/Irrigation ditches.

WHITE-FACED IBIS: S. SR early May-Sep. Occurred  88St SE,Calgary,26-30May00; FC Frank Lake.

TURKEY VULTURE: R T mid Apr-late Sep. 1,Calgary,26Apr & 02May1997. IBS/Weaselhead/Carburn.

OSPREY*: S. SR mid Apr-late Sep. N. Bow Rr at Bowmont/Crowchild Tr/Zoo/Beaverdams/LaFarge,etc

BALD EAGLE*: FC M & W  (up to 17) on Bow Rr/IBS/Carburn. 1pair N. Glennfield, FCPP since 2006.

NORTHERN HARRIER*: U SR Mar-Oct (Dec). N. Nose Hill. Occasionally OW as 1998-99 & ’99-00.

SHARP-SHINNED HAWK*: U M & S. SR late Mar-May & late Aug-Oct, throughout city. Often OW.

COOPER’S HAWK*: U SR early Apr-late Oct throughout city. N. FCPP/Weaselhead/Sandy Beach. OW.

NORTHERN GOSHAWK*: R SR; S. W late Sep-late Apr; IBS/FCPP/Elbow & Bow Rr Valleys.

BROAD-WINGED HAWK: S. M late Apr-May & R late Aug-mid Sep. IBS/Sandy Beach/Carburn/FCPP.

SWAINSON’S HAWK*: FC SR mid Apr-late Sep. Open area throughout city/IBS/Hull’sWoods/StanleyPk

RED-TAILED HAWK*: FC SR late Mar-Nov. FCPP/Weaselhead/IBS/Bow & Elbow Rivers Valleys.

—“HARLAN’S HAWK”: S. V. A dark Red-tailed Hawk morph. W Oct-early Apr. Bow & Elbow Rrs.

FERRUGINOUS HAWK*: S. SR mid Mar-Oct. N. Poplar Is, FCPP in 1950s. A true prairie resident.

ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK: FC to S. M & W, late Sep-early May; 1, late, Nose Hill, 21May2000.  

GOLDEN EAGLE: S. M mid Feb-May & Sep-mid Dec. Bow River/Beaverdam/IBS. 1,Elboya,20Oct05. 

AMERICAN KESTREL*: U SR late Mar-late Oct. IBS/Bowmont/Hull’s Woods. Occasionally OW.

MERLIN*: S. year round resident throughout city. N. in old crow/magpie nests in mature Spruce trees.

GYRFALCON: R irregular winter visitor. Oct-Apr. Nose Hill/IBS/Bow Rr/Rural & semi-rural areas.

PEREGRINE FALCON*: S. SR late Mar-early Oct. N. Telus Bldg/UofC Craigie Hall. Occasionally OW.

PRAIRIE FALCON*: S. winter resident. Open areas along Bow Rr. Formerly N. Raven Rocks, FCPP.

YELLOW RAIL: NRC. S. SR May-Jul at marsh into Big Hills Springs Pr. Park; 2,04Jun2000,Lochend Rd.

VIRGINIA RAIL: S. SR late May-Oct. 1 released at IBS, 09Sep80. Voice: “Kid-dick, kid-dick, kid-dick”

SORA*: FC SR early May-early Oct. IBS/Bow Rr/Weaselhead/SE Sloughs. Voice: a descending whinny.

AMERICAN COOT*: C to A. SR late Mar-Oct. Glenmore Res/Elliston Pk./Bow Rr/SE Sloughs.

SANDHILL CRANE: S. M mid Apr- early May & FC Aug-Oct. 1,Nose Hill.05May96; 1,FCPP,17Oct07.

BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER: FC M May & Jul-Nov. Glenmore Res./IBS/Grasslands. C at Langdon Res.

AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER: R M early May & early Jun-early Nov. 2, Shepard, 29Sep07.

PACIFIC GOLDEN-PLOVER: ACC. R V. 1, Heatherglen Golf Course, 19May08.

SEMIPALMATED PLOVER: U M late Apr-May & mid Jul-Sep. On gravel & mud. Glenmore Res/BowRr

KILLDEER*: FC SR mid Mar-Nov along Bow Rr. N. gravel areas. OW. Voice: “Killdeer, killdeah, dea”.

BLACK-NECKED STILT*: Now FC SR early April-mid Sep. Virtually unknown in Alberta prior to 1994.

AMERICAN AVOCET*: C SR early Apr-mid Oct on SE alkaline sloughs.

SPOTTED SANDPIPER*: FC SR early May-late Sep. N. Glenmore Res/Weaselhead.  Bow & Elbow Rrs.

SOLITARY SANDPIPER: U M late Apr-late May & late Aug-late Sep. IBS/Bow & Elbow Rrs/SE Slough.

WANDERING TATTLER: ACC. R V in autumn; 1, IBS, 03-04Sep98.

SPOTTED REDSHANK: ACC. NRC. R M autumn. 1, Langdon Res, 19Sep87.

GREATER YELLOWLEGS: U to FC M late Mar-early May & mid Jun-late Oct. Bow Rr/Glenmore Res.

WILLET*: FC SR mid Apr-late Sep. Prairie/SE Sloughs. Voice: “Pill-will, pill-willet, will-willet”.

LESSER YELLOWLEGS: FC M early Apr-mid May & C mid Jun-Oct, Bow & Elbow Rrs/Glenmore Res.

UPLAND SANDPIPER*: S. SR early May-Aug; S  M over city, 1,21Jul05;  Grasslands/Langdon Res.

WHIMBREL: NRC. R M late Apr-26 May. A. M at Taber in May. Cultivated fields/Grasslands.

LONG-BILLED CURLEW*: S. SR mid Apr-early Sep. SE Sloughs/native grasslands/fields.

HUDSONIAN GODWIT: S. M mid Apr-mid May & R mid Jul-late Sep. Shepard Sloughs.

MARBLED GODWIT*: FC SR mid Apr-mid Sep. Fields/SE Sloughs.

RUDDY TURNSTONE: NRC. R M mid May-01Jun & mid Aug-late Sep. SE Sloughs.

RED KNOT: NRC. R M mid May-01Jun & mid Aug-late Sep. SE Sloughs.

SANDERLING: U M mid May-early Jun & mid Jul-late Sep. IBS/SE Sloughs.

SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER: FC M late Apr-early Jun & mid Jun-mid Sep. SE Sloughs.

RED-NECKED STINT: ACC. R V; 1, Shepard Slough, 06Aug86.

WESTERN SANDPIPER: NRC. R M early-24 May & mid Jul-late Sep; 1,HeatherglenGolfCo,02Sep2000.

LEAST SANDPIPER: FC M late Apr-late May & early Jul-mid Sep. SE Sloughs/IBS.

WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER: R M mid May-04 Jun & mid Jul-early Oct; x, Race City, 2000.

BAIRD’S SANDPIPER: FC M mid Apr-late May & mid Jun-late Oct. SE Sloughs/IBS.

SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPER: ACC. NRC. R M mid Aug-early Oct. Langdon Res.

PECTORAL SANDPIPER: FC M late Apr-mid May & early Jul-late Oct. Sloughs/IBS/Wet grassy areas.

DUNLIN: R M late Apr-late May & S. mid Jul-early Nov. SE Sloughs.

CURLEW SANDPIPER: ACC. NRC. R V; 1, LangdonRes, 24-25Sep03.

STILT SANDPIPER: U M late Apr-24 May & FC early Jul-mid Oct. SE Sloughs.

BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER: NRC. R M late May-early Jun & mid Aug-Oct. Langdon/Frank Lk.

RUFF: ACC. 1 specimen, Calg,15May67. R V mid May & mid Jul-Sep; 1, Heatherglen Golf Co, x,Sep00.

SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER: S. M mid Apr-20 May & late Jun-late Sep. SE Sloughs.

LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER: C M late Apr-24 May & late Jun-early Nov. SE Sloughs.

WILSON’S SNIPE*: U SR early Apr-late Oct. Bow Rr/sloughs/wetlands. Occasionally OW.

WILSON’S PHALAROPE*: C SR early May to mid Sep. Glenmore Res./SE Sloughs.

RED-NECKED PHALAROPE: C to A. M late Apr-05Jun & early Jul-mid Sep. Lakes/large sloughs. IBS.

RED PHALAROPE: ACC. R V mid Jul-late Oct. 1, SE Slough, 24-26Sep00;

BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE. ACC. Jun-Dec. Specimens, 1,NWCalg,13Nov76; 1,SECalg,11Aug99.

SABINE’S GULL: R M late May-early Jun & early Sep-mid Oct. Glenmore Res./Elliston Pk/SW Sloughs.

BONAPARTE’S GULL: FC M mid Apr-10 Jun & early Jul-mid Nov. Bow Rr/Glenmore Res./Elliston Pk.

BLACK-HEADED GULL: ACC: Hypothetical. 1 may have been seen at IBS, 18Jun08.

LITTLE GULL: ACC. R V; 1,Glenmore,24-24Oct91; 1,IBS,04May96; 1,Shawnessy,28Oct2000.

ROSS’S GULL: ACC. Hypothetical. 1 may have been seen Glenmore Res, 22Jul08.

FRANKLIN’S: GULL*: A. SR late Mar-late Oct. GlenmoreRes/Bow R/anywhere over city. N. Frank Lk.

MEW GULL: R M late Apr-       May & mid Aug-late Nov. IBS/Elliston Pk/ Bow Rr/Landfill sites.

RING-BILLED GULL*: A. SR mid Mar-late Nov. Glenmore/IBS/Shopping Malls/Fast food parking lots.

WESTERN GULL: ACC: R V; 1 photographed at weir, Pearce Estates, 04Apr06.

CALIFORNIA GULL*: A. SR early Mar-late Nov. Glenmore/IBS/Bow Rr/Landfill sites. N. Langdon Res.

HERRING GULL: FC M mid Mar-late May & mid Sep-late Nov. Glenmore/IBS/Bow Rr/Landfill sites.

THAYER’S GULL: S. M mid Mar-mid May & early Oct-late Nov. IBS/EllistonPk/Bow Rr/Landfill sites.

ICELAND GULL:  ACC. R V late Mar-11May & 09 Sep-Nov. Glemore Res./IBS/Elliston Pk/Landfills.

LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL: ACC. R V late Mar-13 May & late Aug-mid Oct. IBS/Landfills.

SLATY-BACKED GULL: ACC. R V late Mar-18 Apr & 29 Sep-19 Nov. IBS/Zoo/Elliston Pk.

GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL: ACC. R V late Mar-mid May & 11 Aug-22 Nov. GlenmoreLanding/IBS.

GLAUCOUS GULL: R M late Mar-mid May & mid Oct-late Nov (Dec). IBS/BowRiver/Landfill sites. OW

LEAST TERN: ACC. NRC. R V; 1 record: 1, Policeman’s Flats, 04Jul06.

CASPIAN TERN: R M mid Apr-May & early Jul-mid Sep. Glenmore Res./Bow Rr/IBS.

BLACK TERN*: FC SR early May-mid Sep. Glenmore Res/Bow River/Sloughs.

COMMON TERN*: S M late May-mid June & early Aug-22 Oct. Glenmore/Bow Rr/IBS.

ARCTIC TERN: ACC. R M 18-24 May &mid Jul-early Sep. Carburn/IBS.

FORSTER’S TERN: NRC. U SR late Apr-early Oct. Zoo Ranch, Carseland, Frank Lake.

POMARINE JAEGER: ACC. R V mid Jul-late  Oct. 1, Glenmore Res. 08-10Oct96.

PARASITIC JAEGER: ACC R V late Jul-early Oct. 1, Glenmore Res, 24Oct03

LONG-TAILED JAEGER: ACC. NRC. R V; 1, Namaka Lk, 05Sep82.

ANCIENT?/LONG-BILLED MURRELET: ACC. 1, Glenmore, 17-20Oct82; 1,LkMinnewanka,20Aug07.

ROCK PIGEON*: I. A. year-round resident. Downtown/Glenmore Dam/Bridges/ Railway tracks.

BAND-TAILED PIGEON: ACC. R V. May & Sep; 1,Beaverdam Flats,15May99; 1,IBS,27May2000.

WHITE-WINGED DOVE: ACC. NRC. Has occured widely in province.

MOURNING DOVE*: U SR mid Mar-late Oct. Weaselhead/IBS/Beaverdam Flats/Carburn/Bow Rr;  OW.

EURASIAN COLLARED DOVE: I. Becoming common. 1,Edworthy,19Jul01; 1,Bowmont,23May04.

BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO: ACC. R V mid Jun-early Oct. Calgary, 1969/77/80/81/82.

BARN OWL: ACC. NRC. R V. Four AB records in Jan2000. One found dead at Langdon.

GREAT HORNED OWL*: FC year-round resident. IBS/FCPP/Weaselhead/wooded areas.

SNOWY OWL: S. to U winter visitor late Oct-mid Apr. Open treeless areas/Prairies.

NORTHERN HAWK-OWL: R W Oct-Mar; 2,Bearspaw,1997-98; 1,IBS,22Oct00; 1,Elboya,02Oct05.

NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL: R M late Oct-early Apr. Annually since 2002 at Shannon Terrace, FCPP.

BURROWING OWL*:  R SR. Formerly occurred. One possibly seen 09May2000, S of Shepard Slough

BARRED OWL*: S. T & SR. FCPP/SGlenmore Pk/Douglas Fir Trail. 1,Weaselhead09May07.

GREAT GRAY OWL*: S. T; 1,FCPP,12Nov00; 1,Strathcona/CoachHill Nov02-Apr03.

LONG-EARED OWL*: S. year-round resident. Very secretive. Nr Airport/Nose Hill/IBS/FCPP/PearceEst.

SHORT-EARED OWL: R to U M & year-round. NoseHill/IBS/SandyBeach. 1,Carburn,03Dec06.

BOREAL OWL: S. W late Sep-Mar. Coniferous woods. FCPP/Residential Area. 1,Lynnwood,11-27Oct04

N. SAW-WHET OWL*: U year-round resident. Weaselhead/SandyBeach/FCPP/Douglas Fir Trail/IBS.

COMMON NIGHTHAWK*: Becoming S. SR, late May-late Aug. 1,03Jun2000. IBS/Bow River/FCPP.

COMMON POORWILL: ACC. Specimen; 1, Calg, 31May86. Voice:  A weak “Poor-will, poor-will”

WHIP-P00R-WILL: ACC. R V; 1, found injured downtown Calgary, 06Oct06.

VAUX’S SWIFT: ACC. R V. 1,IBS,07May02; Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton , only known AB. N. site.

RUBY-THR. HUMMINGBIRD*: S. M & SR mid May-late Aug. Mostly East Calg./Weaselhead/Gardens.

BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD: ACC. R V late May- Aug;  1,Calgary,25Jun79; 1,27-30May2000.

ANNA’S HUMMINGBIRD: ACC. R V late Jun-mid Nov; 1,06-31Oct76; 1,13Oct-04Nov77; 1,14Sep95.

CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD*: S. SR mid May-early Sep. N. in Weaselhead. Visits city gardens.

RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD*: FC M & SR early May-early Sep. Mostly W of city/Weaselhead/Gardens.

BELTED KINGFISHER*: U M & SR, mid Apr-Oct. Bow&ElbowRrs/FishCreek, Some OW, open waters.

LEWIS’ WOODPECKER: ACC. R V e May-m Jun & 21 Sep; 1,IBS,13 May95; 1,Ranchlands.09Jun2000.

RED-HEADED WOODPECKER: R V early May-mid Aug; 1, Carburn Pk, xx1996.

RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER: ACC. R V; 1, hypothetical, Calg, 04Mar07; 1,Ponoka,Oct07-15Apr08.

WILLIAMSON’S SAPSUCKER: ACC. R V. One freshly dead female, NE Calgary, 24Jun92.

YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER*: S. SR late Apr-29 Sep. Aspen woods. Voice: A cat-like “Mew”.

RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER*: U late Apr-mid Sep. W end FCPP/Weaselhead.

Note: Most Calgary sapsuckers  are hybrid Yellow-bellied x Red-naped Sapsuckers.

RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER: ACC. R V mid Apr-early Nov; 1, Harvest Hills, 11Apr05.

DOWNY WOODPECKER*: FC year-round resident throughout city, mainly in deciduous woods.

HAIRY WOODPECKER*: S. year-round resident. Treed areas. Visits suet feeders.

AM. THREE-TOED WOODPECKER: S. winter visitor, conifers. GriffWds/FCPP/Bowness/Edworthy Pk.

BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER: R W 17 Oct-14 May. FCPP/S Glenmore Pk/Griffith Woods.

NORTHERN FLICKER*: FC SR, U winter resident. Visits feeders.

Most Calgary Flickers are hybrids between the Red-shafted and the Yellow-shafted morphs.

PILEATED WOODPECKER*: S. year-round resident. Giffith Woods//Weaselhead/Bow River/FCPP.

OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER: R M mid May & early Sep. Weaselhead/IBS/Votier’s Flats,FCPP.

WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE*: C SR mid May-mid Sep. Usually along wooded streams. BowRr/FCPP

YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER: ACC. R mid May & early Aug-mid Sep; 1, Weaselh’d ,23May00.

ALDER FLYCATCHER*: S. SR late May-late Aug. IBS/Confluence Pk/Nose Hill/SGlenmorePk.

WILLOW FLYCATCHER: R M late May-late Aug, mainly foothills; 1,Bebo Grove,FCPP; IBS.

LEAST FLYCATCHER*: FC SR mid May-mid Sep. Deciduous woods (poplars). FCPP/Weaselhead.

HAMMOND’S FLYCATCHER: ACC. R T late May & mid Aug. High coniferous forest.

GRAY FLYCATCHER: ACC. V. First AB record; 1, 23Jun-17Jul99, Bowmont Pk.

DUSKY FLYCATCHER: R T late May-early Sep. Brushy areas. Weaselhead/FCPP.


EASTERN PHOEBE*: U SR mid Apr-mid Sep. N under Weaselhead bridges/Raven Rocks, FCPP.

SAY’S PHOEBE: FC M mid Apr-late Sep. Nose Hill/Confluence Park/Beaverdam Flats Pk/ Bow Rr.

GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER: ACC. R SR early June-late Aug.  1, IBS, 05Aug02.

WESTERN KINGBIRD*: U SR mid May-early Sep. N. at lower elevations, LaFarge Pk, S. 22X.

EASTERN KINGBIRD*: FC SR mid May-early Sep. IBS/FCPP/Bowmont Pk/Along Bow River.

SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER. ACC. R T late May-late Aug. 1, IBS, 29Aug2000. 

LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE*: R SR mid Apr-early Oct. Shrubby/grassy areas, E side of city.

NORTHERN SHRIKE: FC WV late Sep-late Apr. Anywhere, mainly river valleys/IBS.

YELLOW-THROATED VIREO: ACC. R V. 1, banded, IBS, 04Aug08.

CASSIN’S VIREO. U SR, early May-mid Sep. Formerly part of Solitary Vireo. FCPP/Weaselhead.

BLUE-HEADED VIREO: U M early May-01 Jul & mid Aug-mid Oct. River valleys/IBS,FCPP/Bow Rr.

WARBLING VIREO*: FC SR early May-mid Oct. FCPP/Elbow & Bow Rrs/Wooded valleys & streets.

PHILADELPHIA VIREO: R M mid May-mid Oct. Elbow & Bow Rivers. Deciduous? wooded valleys.

RED-EYED VIREO*: U SR mid May-mid Sep. Poplar woods, N. SGlenmore/Weaselhead/FCPP.

GRAY JAY*: Formerly U WV, now absent mid Sep-late May. W end FCPP/Weaselhead/GriffithWoodsPk.

StELLER’S JAY: ACC. R WV mid Oct-late Mar; 1, Bayview, 22,28Oct03; 1,Parkdale,16Oct04.

BLUE JAY*: Now FC year-round resident throughout  western half of city.

CLARK’S NUTCRACKER: ACC. R WV. 1 heard, Douglas Fir Trail, Edworthy Park, 26Mar2000.

BLACK-BILLED MAGPIE*: A. year-round resident, throughout city.

AMERICAN CROW*: C mid Mar-late Oct throughout city. Communal roost, U of C.  Some OW.

COMMON RAVEN*: R SR & U WV. In winter, many fly over city daily to feed at landfill sites.

HORNED LARK*: FC M & SR mid Feb- mid Oct. Some OW. Open fields/grasslands.

PURPLE MARTIN*: R SR. N. SW Calgary’76. Presently N. north end of Chestermere Lake. IBS.

TREE SWALLOW*: C SR early Apr-late Aug. Elbow & Bow Rrs/FCPP/Glenmore/Weaselhead.

VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW: U to A. M early Apr & R M early Aug. Bow Rr(Burnmead,FCPP,1994).

N. ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW*: U SR late Apr to early Sep. N. Bow&Elbow Rrs/Weaselhead/FCPP.

BANK SWALLOW*: FC SR late Apr-early Sep. N. in colonies; Bow& ElbowRrs/MallardPt/58th Av SW.

CLIFF SWALLOW*: C SR mid May-mid Aug. N. in colonies under bridges over Bow & Elbow Rivers.

BARN SWALLOW*: R SR late Apr-late Sep. N in buildings in FCPP/Mallard Pt/Rural areas.

BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEE*: C year-round resident in wooded urban areas/IBS/FCPP/Bow/ElbowRr

MOUNTAIN CHICKADEE: R erratic late summer/winter visitor, in residential areas/Doug.Fir Trail.

BOREAL CHICKADEE*: S. year-round resident, W end FCPP/Weaselhead/Griffith Woods/Bowness Pk.

CHESTNUT-BACKED CHICKADEE: ACC. Hypothetical; 2,Bowness Pk,22Apr88; 1,winter 1996.

RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH*: FC to S. year-round erratic resident. Prefers conifers.

WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH*: S. year round. R in summer, breeding along rivers in poplars.

BROWN CREEPER: S. M & WV mid Sep-mid May. Wooded river valleys/residential areas.

ROCK WREN: R V      May-late Aug; 1,Glenmore,04July98; 1,Park’n’fly,Calgary Airport,18Jun00.

HOUSE WREN*: FC SR early May-late Sep. Wooded urban areas throughout city.

WINTER WREN*: S. T mid Apr-late Sep; 1, N. nr Bridge 2,FCPP.2000. Coniferous woods/Glenmore.

SEDGE WREN: ACC. R T. One on Nose Hill, 28May92.

MARSH WREN*: U SR early May-late Oct in large cattail marshes.

AMERICAN DIPPER: R W mid Dec-Mar on Elbow River below Glenmore Dam/FCPP.

GOLDEN-CR. KINGLET*: U M & year-round resident. FCPP/Weaselhead/Bowness Pk.

RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET*: U M early Apr & S. SR to early Nov. N. Weaselhead/Bebo Gr,FCPP.

BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER: ACC. R V. 1/1,IBS,Nov87/Dec88; 1,Carburn,13Sep99. 

NORTHERN WHEATEAR: ACC. R V. 1,Nose Hill,22Nov89.

EASTERN BLUEBIRD*: ACC. S. V & SR late May-mid Oct. 1, SW Calgary, 28May-13Jun77.

WESTERN BLUEBIRD*: ACC. S V & SR. Reported NGlenmore Park, early Apr2000.

MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD*: FC SR mid Mar-early Nov. Weaselhead/NGlenmorePk/Nose Hill/FCPP.

TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE: S. T & erratic W late autumn-late Apr. Anywhere, treed areas.

VEERY*: U SR mid May-early Sep. Weaselhead/FCPP W of bridge #4.

GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH: ACC. R M mid May-early Jun & late Aug-Sep. 1,banded,IBS,22May01.

SWAINSON’S THRUSH*: U SR mid May-mid Sep. Weaselhead/FCPP w of Bebo Gr./Edworthy Pk.

HERMIT THRUSH*: S. M & SR, mid Apr-early Nov. Weaselhead. Migrates through city.

AMERICAN ROBIN*: A. M & SR mid Mar-mid Oct. Some OW in/near river valleys.

VARIED THRUSH: R V late Mar-10May & 18Sep-late Oct. IBS/SGlenmore/Varsity/Oakridge.  OW.

GRAY CATBIRD*: FC SR mid May-late Sep. N. along Bow & Elbow Rrs/FCPP. 1,IBS,21May2000.

NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD: ACC. R V year round. 1,Dec90-20May91; 1,Dec97-Jan98,SECalgary.

SAGE THRASHER: ACC. NRC. R V early May-early Sep.

BROWN THRASHER*: S. SR mid May-mid Oct. Weaselhead/Bowmont/Edworthy/IBS. Sometimes OW

EUROPEAN STARLING*: I. A. SR late Feb-Dec; U W Dec-Feb. N. mainly in large Balsam Poplars.

SIBERIAN ACCENTOR: ACC. R V; 1, Varsity, 20Mar-16Apr06.

AMERICAN PIPIT: U to A. M mid Mar-early May & mid Aug-late Oct. Along Bow Rr/open fields.

SPRAGUE’S PIPIT*: Now R SR early May-early Sep. Nose Hill. Song, given in flight – 600 feet high.

BOHEMIAN WAXWING: FC to A. W mid Oct-mid Apr. Throughout city. Feeds on Eur. Mountainash.

CEDAR WAXWING*: U SR late May-early Oct. Throughout city. Some usually attempt to OW.

BLUE-WINGED WARBLER:  ACC. R V; 1, IBS, Aug97; 1,28May2000.

TENNESSEE WARBLER*: FC M & R SR mid May-late Sep. FCPP/Weaselhead.

ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER*: U M late Apr-early June & early July-mid Nov. Throughout city.

VIRGINIA’S WARBLER: ACC. R V; 1, 1223 Nicola Pl NW, 11May1981.

NASHVILLE WARBLER: ACC. R M late Apr-late May & early Aug-late Sep. IBS/1223 Nicola Pl NW.

NORTHERN PARULA: ACC. R V May-early Jun & Aug-Oct; 1,IBS,15May85; 1,banded,IBS,08Sep2000.

YELLOW WARBLER*: C SR mid May-early Sep. River Valleys/Wooded urban areas.

CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER: ACC. R M late May-early Jun & early Aug-mid Sep (Nov). IBS.

MAGNOLIA WARBLER: ACC. R M mid May-early Jun & U early Aug-early Nov. IBS/urban areas.

CAPE MAY WARBLER*: ACC. R M May & mid Aug-early Nov. (Dec), IBS/Bow River. Sometime OW.

BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER: ACC. R V late Sep-early Nov (Jan). Urban areas.

YELLOW-RUMPED (Myrtle) WARBLER*: A. M mid Apr-late May & mid Aug-mid Oct (Dec-Jan). OW.

…..YELLOW RUMPED (Audubon’s) WARBLER: R T mid Apr-mid May & mid Aug-27 Oct. IBS.

BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER: ACC; 1,IBS,11Aug83; 1,Bowness,11Jun-03Jul84, 1,8AvNW.

BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER: R M mid-late May & mid Aug-early Sep. IBS/Weaselhead.

TOWNSEND’S WARBLER*: R M late May & mid Aug-mid Sep. IBS/FCPP/Weaselhead/NGlenmore.

BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER: R M (24May08) & mid Aug-mid Oct; 1,IBS,28/29Aug,2000. Hull’sWd.

YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER: ACC. R V; 1,GriffithWoods,09Sep06, first Alberta record.

PINE WARBLER: ACC. R V; 1,28Sep87 & 16Aug91 at Calgary; 1,OW Riley Pk, 20Dec93-05Feb94.

PALM WARBLER: S. M early May & mid Aug-mid Oct; 1,PearceEst,04-09Jan03. IBS/Bow Rr Valley.

BAY-BREASTED WARBLER: R V early Jun &Jul. S. mid Aug-late Sep. IBS/Bow River Valley/FCPP.

BLACKPOLL WARBLER*: U mid May-early Jun & mid Aug-late Sep. IBS/Hull’sWoods,/Mt Royal.

BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER: R M mid May-mid Jun & mid Aug-early Oct. IBS/NGlenmore.

AMERICAN REDSTART*: S. late May-early Jun & early Aug-mid Sep. Bow&ElbowRr/FCPP/Haysboro.

OVENBIRD*: U M & SR mid May-Sep. IBS/urban areas. N. Marshall Springs,FCPP. IBS/Glenmore.

NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH*: U M & SR mid May-mid Sep. N. Weaselhead/FCPP.  Bow River.

KENTUCKY WARBLER: ACC. R V; 1, Weaselhead,18-21Jun88; 1,Weaselhead, 08Sep07.

CONNECTICUT WARBLER*: R M late May-early Jun & late Aug-mid Sep. IBS/Weaselhead/Hull’sWds.

MOURNING WARBLER: R M late May-early Jun & mid Aug-mid Sep; 1,IBS,27May00; 1,IBS,18Nov00.

MacGILLIVRAY’S WARBLER*: R M late May-early Jun & mid Aug-early Sep. Weaselhead/ IBS/FCPP.

COMMON YELLOWTHROAT*: U M & SR early May-early Oct. Weaselh’d/NGlenmore/Bow Rr/FCPP.

HOODED WARBLER: ACC. R V; 1, Lynnwood,03Oct-07Dec04.

WILSON’S WARBLER: FC M mid May & mid Aug-28 Nov (Dec). Woods/ treed urban areas.

CANADA WARBLER: R M late May-early Jun & mid Aug-early Sep. IBS/Southland/Mallard Point.

YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT: R V late May-mid Sep. Bred at Okotoks, 2000. IBS/Residential areas. 

SUMMER TANAGER: ACC. R V; 1,Bowness,xx2001; 1,Priddis,08Jun01.

SCARLET TANAGER: ACC. R V early May-mid Nov; 1,IBS,Aug82; 1,Lowery Gdns,30May87.

WESTERN TANAGER*: S. M & SR early May-mid Sep. N. Weaselhead/W.end FCPP. Urban areas. 

GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE: ACC. R V; 1, Bowmont Pk, 30May96, 1st AB. Record.

SPOTTED TOWHEE*: S. SR early Apr-late Oct (Dec). IBS/S facing slopes, FCPP/Weaselhead.

AMERICAN TREE SPARROW: U M late Mar-mid Apr & late Sep-Nov. Some OW. Weaselhead.

CHIPPING SPARROW*: FC SR early May-early Oct. Residential areas/River valleys/Parks.

CLAY-COLORED SPARROW*: FC SR mid May-late Sep. FCPP/Weaselhead. Wolf Willow thickets.

BREWER’S (TIMBERLINE) SPARROW: N. just west of city; 1, Confederation Park, xxJune88.

FIELD SPARROW: ACC. NRC. (1,08Jun2000, at Bryant’s Creek, #68Hwy, Sibbald Flats, Kananaskis)

VESPER SPARROW*: U to FC SR mid Apr-mid Oct. Grassy areas, Confluence Park/Nose Hill.

LARK BUNTING: ACC. NRC. R V; 1, 3km W Hwy22/Twp.272,  N of Cochrane, 01Jun2000.

LARK SPARROW: R V early May-early Oct. Prefers sandy areas; 1,Bowmont,18May90; 1,FCPP,May98.

BLACK-THROATED SPARROW: ACC. R V; 1, Bearspaw, 28-29May06.

SAVANNAH SPARROW*: C SR mid Apr-late Sep. Nose Hill/BeaverdamFlats/grasslands/roadside/fields.

GRASSHOPPER SPARROW: NRC. R SR mid May-mid Sep; 1, Namaka Lake, 28May2000).

BAIRD’S SPARROW*: S. SR mid May-late Oct. Formerly S Nose Hill; 1,Porcupine Valley,20Jun2002.

LeCONTE’S SPARROW*: U SR mid May-mid Sep. E end FCPP.

NELSON’S SHARP-TAILED SPARROW*: R M & SR late May-mid Sep; 1,88 St SE,21June2000.

FOX SPARROW: S. M late Apr-early May & late Aug-early Oct. Weaselhead/IBS. Occasionally OW.

SONG SPARROW*: FC SR early Apr-late Sep. Some OW.  Bow & Elbow Rrs/FCPP/IBS/backyards.

LINCOLN’S SPARROW*: U M & SR mid Apr-mid Oct. N. Sandy Beach 1999. Weaselhead/IBS/FCPP

SWAMP SPARROW: R M late Apr-02June & mid Sep-mid Oct. ACC. SR; 1, Weaselhead, 11Jul05.

WHITE-THROATED SPARROW*: U SR late Apr-mid Oct. Some OW. N. Weaselhead/FCPP.

GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW: ACC. R M late May & early Oct; 1, Elboya, 01-04Oct05.

WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW*: FC M & R SR late Apr-May & Sep-Oct. N. Bowmont Pk.

HARRIS’ SPARROW: R M Apr-May & mid Sep-early Nov. Some OW at feeders. IBS.

DARK-EYED JUNCO*: C M & R SR late Mar-late May & late Sep-Nov. Some OW.

McCOWN’S LONGSPUR: R SR early May-mid Sep. No recent Calgary reports.  Prairies.

LAPLAND LONGSPUR: C to U M late Mar-early May & mid Sep-early Nov. Open fields.


SNOW BUNTING: U W early Oct-late Apr. Nose Hill/Cultivated fields/weedy areas.

NORTHERN CARDINAL: ACC. R V year round. Zoo,1993/94; 1f,throughout Calg.08′ 1,Elboya18Dec09.

ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK*: S. SR mid May-mid Sep. Griffith Woods/Glenmore/Weaselhead/IBS.

BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK: R V 21 May-early Sep. Weaselhead; 1, Stanley Pk, 16Aug98.

LAZULI BUNTING: R V late May-early Sep. Breeds Windy Point, Sheep Rr; 1,ShanTerr,FCPP,28May07.

INDIGO BUNTING: ACC. R V; 1,NGlenmore Pk,15Jul88; 2prs,Bow River,E Nose Hill bridge, Jun2000.

DICKCISSEL: ACC. R V; 1, Mt. Royal College, 20Jul02.

BOBOLINK: R V & SR early May-mid Aug. Prairies/hayfields. Formerly N. Southland Park.

RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD*: C late Mar-early Nov. Cattail marshes. Some OW.

WESTERN MEADOWLARK*: FC becoming R, late Mar-late Oct. Grasslands. Some OW in SE Calgary.

YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD*: FC early Apr-mid Sep. SE Cattail Marshes/ Carburn Pk. Some OW.

RUSTY BLACKBIRD: U M mid Apr-late May &late Sep-mid Nov. Wet woods/shoreline. IBS/FCPP. OW.

BREWER’S BLACKBIRD*: C late Apr-early Oct. N. 37th SW. Open grassy  areas. Some OW.

COMMON GRACKLE*: FC. Increasing. Late Mar-end Sep. River Valleys. Some OW.

BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD*: FC early May-mid Sep. FCPP/Bow river. Comes to feeders.

BALTIMORE ORIOLE*: FC to U, decreasing mid May-mid Sep. Bow & Elbow Rrs/Weaselhead/IBS.

BULLOCK’S ORIOLE: ACC. NRC. R V mid May-early Aug; 1, Deer Run, 07Jul02.

GRAY-CROWNED ROSY FINCH: ACC. Irregular mid Oct-mid Apr. Will visit feeders.

PINE GROSBEAK: Irregular late Oct-mid Apr. Throughout city, when present. Weaselhead.

PURPLE FINCH*: R M & SR early Apr-late Oct. Bow & Elbow Rrs/FCPP/IBS. Some OW.

CASSIN’S FINCH: R V late Apr-late Oct (Dec); 1,Calgary,24May02;  2,Lynnwood,22Oct04.

HOUSE FINCH*: A. SR, U W;  A native SW species. Our birds likely from eastern releases.

RED CROSSBILL*: R i1rregular visitor, mostly in winter. Feeds on seeds from spruce trees cones.

WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL*: FC irregular visitor, mostly in winter. Feeds on spruce trees seeds.

COMMON REDPOLL: FC irregular visitor, early Oct-late Apr. Weed patches/Birch trees/ feeders.

HOARY REDPOLL: R irregular winter visitor. As per Common Redpoll.

PINE SISKIN*: R to A. irregular visitor, usually May-Oct. Bebo Grove,FCPP/Most Parks. Often OW.

AMERICAN GOLDFINCH*: U SR late May-late Sep. Weaselhead/FCPP/IBS. Sometimes  OW.

EVENING GROSBEAK: Formerly FC W, now R early Oct-early May; 12, Calgary, 14Dec08.

HOUSE SPARROW*: I. A. Year-round resident throughout built-up urban areas.


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