Q & A: Follow-up on Attracting Birds to Feeders

Last May we answered a question from a reader who had been trying unsuccessfully to attract birds to her yard in Calgary. The yard was in an awkward location at a small townhouse without trees or shrubs. Although she was putting out many types of high-quality seeds, the birds were not coming.  We gave some advice on attracting birds, which you can read about here. We are happy to report that after nearly a year of persistent effort, finally there are birds coming to the yard.



Nearly a year ago I approached you looking for suggestions on how to attract birds to my feeder in my awkward yard.  While I was not successful last year, I’m happy to announce that my patience has finally paid off.  
I thought I’d send you an update because others in a similar situation may find what I did will help them as well.  When we got our Christmas tree (real) I kept the branches that were cut off the bottom, and was able to take a bunch more from other people’s trees as well.  When I got home I bunched all the branches together and made several boughs out of them, tied them with wire, put a pretty bow on them and hung them from our balcony.  Within 24 hours I had birds foraging through my boughs and feeding at my feeders!
The last month has been wonderful, I’m finally able to watch birds from my own window and I have a steady flock of Common Redpolls and finches that come throughout the day.  I’m not sure what I’m going to replace the boughs with once they’re all dried up, but I’ll figure something out.  I’ve attached a few photos just to demonstrate my situation and solution.  I hope my experience may help someone else in the future.
Thanks again for all the suggestions, all the best.
Here are the photos of her yard:
Rachel Paris 1
Rachel Paris 2