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Movie Monday: Goldfinch on Sunflower

I’ve been getting a few American Goldfinches coming through the yard in the last few weeks, and although they will feed on niger seed in the tube feeder, they really seem to like eating sunflower seeds right off the plant.  Here are a couple of pictures, plus a video that shows one ripping the outer leaves off the sunflower to better get at the seeds.  They really have to work to get a meal!

Posted by Bob Lefebvre


Yellow Birds in Calgary

We’ve been getting a lot of queries about yellow birds in our fair city, so we thought we would introduce you to some of them.

There are many species of small birds with some yellow on them, but these three are the brightest, and the yellowist!

Male American Goldfinch

Male American Goldfinch

Goldfinches (5 inches) are generally found at backyard niger seed feeders in the city. Females are a duller yellow and do not have the black cap.

Yellow warbler

Male Yellow Warbler

Yellow warblers (5 inches) can be found in shrubby areas with lots of cover. Females do not have the dark streaking on the breast.

Male Western Tanager

Male Western Tanager

Western Tanagers (7 inches) prefer coniferous habitats. The bright red head of the males fades to yellow outside the breeding season.