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Wednesday Wings: Golden Eagle & Snowy Owls

Mitchell Kranz spotted this juvenile Golden Eagle on January 20 near Lake McGregor, northeast of Vulcan.



The same day, he also saw no less than 15 Snowy Owls between there and Blackie.







You can see more of Mitchell’s photos here.

Sunday Showcase: A Golden Eagle

Logan Gibson spotted this adult Golden Eagle on November 4 about 5 km west of Turner Valley.  It had been feeding on carrion and flew to this tree to clean its talons before flying off.

Watch for more of Logan’s photography on the Alberta Birds Facebook group.

Sunday Showcase: Golden Eagle

Have you ever wondered how the Golden Eagle got its name? These outstanding photos  from Paul Turbitt answer that question. Paul took these  juvenile eagle pictures at The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA) just south of Calgary. If you haven’t visited this magical place, put in on your to-do list!

The ASCCA is open to the public, but visitors must make a booking online prior to their visit. Upon arrival, you must also register at the kiosk and pay the $2/person user fee.