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Wednesday Wings: Leucistic Redpoll

Posted by Bob Lefebvre

This bird has been in my yard for the last couple of weeks.  When I first saw it, on a feeder with its back facing me, I thought it was a new species for the yard, but it turned out to be a male Common Redpoll with some white feathers in its wings and tail.

IMG_4274 (2)

IMG_4294 (2)

From some angles it looks normal…

IMG_4281 (2)

IMG_4282 (2)

Feeding on the ground…

IMG_4328 (3)

IMG_4338 (3)

IMG_4343 (3)

Next to a normal (if out of focus) Common Redpoll…

IMG_4352 (3)

IMG_4358 (3)

Wednesday Wings: Leucistic Chickadees

These pictures were taken recently by Dan Kingston at Waiparous Village, NW of Calgary.  There are two leucistic chickadees coming to the feeders there.  They have been seen together, and are likely litter mates.  If you have an opinion as to which species they are, let us know in the comments.  Also, the feet on one of the birds don’t look normal – any opinions on this?


Wednesday Wings: Leucistic Mallard

Rob English has sent us some photos of the leucistic (white) mallard duck that’s been hanging around Beaverdam Flats this winter. Click photos to enlarge.

This bird is getting a lot of attention from photographers. Duane Starr has more views of this beautiful bird you can view in his photo gallery.