New Birds Calgary Blog Address

Birds Calgary has moved to a new internet address. We have nearly reached the allowable size limit for content on this site, so we are upgrading to a blog format with no size limit. This is thanks in part to all the great contributions of photographs from you, our readers!

Our new URL is: (click this link to go there now).

Those of you who subscribe to this blog and get email notification of new posts will have to re-subscribe to the new blog. Simply go to the new site and enter your email address in the subscription box on the right-hand side. A confirmation email will be sent to you, and once you click on it to confirm your subscription, you will be all signed up. (You don’t have to un-subscribe to this site since there won’t be any new content.)

Read these recent posts at the new site:

This blog will remain online, but no new content will added to it. The new blog site looks almost identical to this one, and contains all the posts that are on this one. New posts will be added only to the new site, and we will have access to many more features on the new blog.

If you have a website of your own with links to the Birds Calgary home page, please update them to the new address.

Thanks for all the support! We have had over 300,000 page views on this blog in the last two years, and our readership continues to grow. Please check out the new site!