These pages are designed for people just beginning to enjoy bird watching, and those birders that might be new to our city.  Experienced birders might want to take a look at the Where To Look For Birds in Calgary page as well. I’ve lived here since 1972 and there are places on that list I have never visited!

Pat Bumstead

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Where To Look For Birds in Calgary

Seasonal Status and Abundance

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  1. Hi – I would like to find someone that can take me to see the LARK BUNTING which I do believe breeds in southern Alberta and this would be a good time of year – at least I think so – I don’t know if this site is appropriate for that or not – I have tried birding pals but don’t know if I did it right or not. I live in kelowna BC and am not a novice birder but then not an expert either – look forward to hearing from someone Thanks Cheers Ann

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